Five free plugins to convert WordPress into a powerful Project Management Tool

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WordPress without a doubt can be used as one of the best tool for project management and with the availability of new and enhanced versions of WordPress, project management has become much easier. One of the best thing about WordPress is that it can be accessed using mobile applications of any Android phones, Windows Mobile and iPhones. Well if you use the WordPress services for your website you won’t have to be bothered about the security of the content of your website.

You need to have certain plugins that will help you in project management. Here is a list of WordPress plugins which are generally used in project management.

Ndizi Project Manager

This WordPress plugin generally have two options you can either install this plugin on the project level or you can install the project on the main site aswell. This plugin keeps a track of the clients and at the same time keeps a track of the projects which are related to the clients. This ndizi project manager plugin keeps a record of the tasks related to the projects and the tasks that are assigned to any WordPress user. It helps in maintain a record of the time entries with respect to the project and the ones that are assigned to any WordPress user. This plugin also stores the invoices, file attachments and messages which belong to a certain project and are attachable to the tasks and project. It provides you with the facility of sending an invoice to the clients which is quite amazing. This WordPress plugin makes project management very easy and simple.



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  1. We’ve recently been using SupportPress, by WooThemes, for bug tracking and task management. It works well for a small team.

    That said, our team is looking to move onto Asana, which isn’t WordPress-based but is much faster.

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