Google Good to Know: Everything you need to know about staying safe online

Google, the most friendly website in the universe now launched a campaign to teach us about online safety and best practices. It’s a great resource for any web user. The campaign which is called Google Good to Know launched as consumer education campaign, which is designed to teach new users of high tech about safety, security and data management online. It’s a walk-through with four sections: Stay safe online, Your data on the web, Your data on Google and Manage your data. Each section contains an organized brochure of topics with some instructional diagrams and videos.

Take a good look at their promotional posters. They explain the use of Good to Know really well.

They have some videos too, to help you understand things better. The following is one example. You can find more videos in their Youtube channel

Well, by now you must have already made plans to share this with your kids and/or parents, didn’t you?

Go ahead, share it, let’s make web a better place :)

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