We are fidiz.

A small group of web experts based in Trivandrum, founded by two school buddies, Aravind Ajith and Govind

We are professionals to the core and friendly in our spirits. Give us a call to let us tell you more about us and more importantly, what we can do for you. We are not against talking about stuff over a cup of tea/pizza/coffee, but we insist upon the bill. =)

That’s in the right hand side. Other than the five of us we have number of part-time supporting staff working remotely for us, including Shirin Azad (Content Queen) and Kaushik Panchal (Design Kido). And you know what; people hardly read all the ‘bla bla’s in ‘about us’ pages. So why waste time? Shoot us a mail if you wanna know more about us. told ya, we are friendly ;)

Do take a look at what we are actually doing at our hub

deepak j sarath ar govind s aravind a vidya kv


  • UI Designing

    for Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps

  • Front-end Coding

    HTML/CSS, jQuery and stuff

  • CMS Customization

    Wordpress and Drupal, mainly

  • Social Media Tooting

    We manage your social media presence

Some Statistics

  • 2686
    since we kickstarted
  • 104
  • 47
    around the world
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